Welcome to the InfoBeautiful download store.

Here you can instantly download hi-res, printable PDFs of many of our images and designs. ONLY.

If you're after art-prints and posters, please visit our Society6 store.

Otherwise, just use the shopping cart and PayPal to order.

IMPORTANT: Purchased images are delivered direct to your PayPal registered email address.

If anything goes wrong, or your image doesn't arrive, please use the 'contact' link on the left to get in touch. 

Money for these sales goes directly to supporting the iib website and helps us to pay our staff and collaborators.

So thank you for supporting IiB!

The IiB team.


Do you sell prints or posters?
We did. And will again soon. Until then you can order very high-quality art prints from our Society6 store. We hope to restart soon.
If you want to be notified when prints are available, just add you email here: http://bit.ly/infobprints

I've paid for a download but it hasn't arrived?
The link to your download is sent to your PayPal registered address, so check there and your spam trough. If it hasn't arrived, get in touch via the contact link on the sidebar

Sometimes, if you've paid by echeque or credit card, there can be a delay while the payment is processed. Sometimes it can be hours or, in extreme cases, days. That might explain a delay.

What am I allowed to do with a downloaded image?
You can print it for your own use as many times as you like. But you cannot:
» sell the image
» edit or adapt it and then sell it, or use it in a commercial campaign
» use any graphical elements of the image for any commercial use

Commercial use here means if any money is involved.

But you are free to use the image in any non-commercial or public setting. That means posters in schools and colleges, as a slide in a presentation, on the wall of your office.

If your intended usage isn't mentioned here, just contact us and we can talk about it.

Do you offer refunds?
No, not usually. Unless there's some technical error on our part.